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STAR Carpet Sales

For more than 100 years Star Carpet & Cleaning has been serving Lima, Ohio families and businesses with the finest in quality floor covering products. We carry a complete line of carpet, wood, laminate, vinyl/resilient and tile/ceramic flooring products from the world's leading manufacturers.

Fine Carpeting
Choice of carpeting can reflect your personal taste and style. Different people may have a different feeling about what they think is a good color or type of carpeting. Good use of carpeting can influence several components in a room including light, temperature, and noise. Our carpeting experts can help get you started in the right direction with tips and tricks on what looks good and what doesn't.

Wood/Laminate Flooring
Wood floors. The warmth, beauty, and value of wood enhances the decor of any room, and provides timeless beauty that will increase in value throughout the years. Wood floors are ecologically friendly. Since it is a natural resource, wood is both renewable and recyclable. Plus, wood floors are affordable. Over time, wood floors maintain their value. When other flooring options are looking tired and worn out, properly cared for wood floors will still look beautiful and timeless.

Laminate flooring offers a wide selection of designs that offer the look and feel of beautiful hardwood, ceramic tile, and slate. It is actually a composite that's designed to endure more-than-average wear and tear. A direct-pressure manufacturing process fuses four layers into one extremely hard surface. The resulting floor is a technological breakthrough. There's no staining, no fading, and no wear through.

Vinyl Flooring
There is a variety of vinyl flooring materials on the market today and the techniques used to install them. Vinyl flooring is made by pressing various fillers, such as ground-up cork and wood dust, along with pigments, into a binding material, usually linseed oil and resins. Our expert vinyl floor covering staff can help you choose from the different patterns, colors, styles, and installation choices available for vinyl flooring.

As a homeowner you know a lot of hard work goes into making the kitchen and bathroom the best they can be. When you are searching for a flooring material for these areas that combines strength and durability with timeless good looks, it's hard to beat all the virtues of ceramic tile. Our family of tile experts can help you pick out the tile that will best meet your needs and within the budget you have set.

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